(Las Vegas, 9 January 2020) Key ASIC Berhad (Stock Code: 0143) launched its leading-edge Wi-Fi IOT Enabler, the MCard 2.0 and MDrive 2.0 at the CES 2020 at Las Vegas today. MCard 2.0 and MDrive 2.0 are bundled with imedic™ 5.0, the latest release of the leading Digital Hospital system from UCrest.


MCard 2.0 is an SD card with Wi-Fi that can enable any device or equipment that has a SD slot, to be Wi-Fi connected to the Wireless LAN and hence Internet. MDrive 2.0 is a USB Drive with Wi-Fi that can enable any device or equipment that has a USB slot, to be connected to the Wireless LAN and hence Internet.


Today, many of the medical equipment or devices such as ultrasound and ECG machines are wheeled around in the hospitals are not connected to the network. Data or images from the equipment on the wheels or bedside are not uploaded tothe EMR in the hospital. MCard 2.0/MDrive 2.0 will be able to connect any device or any equipment in the hospital.


imedic™ is a leading edge online hospital that has a robust Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system in the Cloud that currently can connect to over 20 FDA/CE approved wireless medical devices with the imedic™ Patient APP that are currently used by the doctors to provide online consultation, e-prescription and insurance or self-payment. With the bundling of imedic™ APP, patients can upload any data from any medical device to the imedic™ Cloud and be accessible by any doctor authorized by the patients for online consultation or any medical services.


MCard 2.0/MDrive 2.0 are currently used with CPAP machines, Fundus Camera, Ultrasound machines, ECG machines, digital cameras, digital microscopes and other hospital grade medical devices connecting to the EMR system in the hospitals or to the Cloud.


In addition to the medical devices, MCard/MDrive are also used to connect equipment and devices used in the labs and manufacturing facilities in the Industry 4.0 revolution, smart farming, etc.MCard and MDrive technologies have been awarded with multiple patents in the U.S., China, Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Singapore and Malaysia.


“Millions of the devices or equipment in the hospitals are not connected today especially those on the wheels that are moved from room to room. With MCard and MDrive technology, we enable every piece of the device or equipment in the hospitals or clinics to be connected through Wi-Fi, making the hospital fully IoT connected. Data and image files can now be uploaded to the EMR system,” said Mr. Kah Yee Eg, Chairman and CEO of Key ASIC. “Home devices such as CPAP machines are also connected to the Internet with this technology, enabling patient data to be uploaded the imedic™ Cloud regularly and doctors reviewing the data remotely,” he added. There are more than 3,000 sleep centers that manage millions of patients with sleep apnea in the United States.






About the Companies:

Key ASIC Berhad, MalaysiaKey ASIC (Stock Code: 0143) is public listed on Mainboard of Bursa Malaysia. It specializes on designing of chips and systems for Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence. Its customers are largely in the US and Asia and it has offices in Malaysia, Taiwan, China and Singapore.