Reporting from CES 2020, Day 3…


Unfortunately, my time at CES is coming to an end. I’m traveling home tomorrow (Friday) so today’s installment will be my last. Don’t worry, however. I won’t be talking about Delta again! Today I managed to get over to the Sands Expo Center. I always like to spend some time there and check out all the advancements in the health and fitness arena. This year, however, it had the additional benefit of also being the location of one of my favorite sessions of the show. I’ll talk more about that in a moment, but first I wanted to highlight one of the exhibitors.


I had the opportunity to speak with Cherie Cheng from KeyAsic, who’s doing some very valuable things for the medical industry using IoT and AI, especially for patients and their data. She and her team have brought to market a device called Ramon Y Cajal, or simply RYC™. This solution consists of two components.


The first component is a patented device that can integrate all your Electronic Medical Records (EMR); it can receive your EMR from any clinic or hospital. An EMR is stored on this device only temporarily, until it can be uploaded to the second component of the solution, the imedic™ Cloud. The imedic Cloud gives you, the patient, complete control of and access to your medical records, along with the ability to share the entire EMR with your physician through the imedic™ DoctorApp.


origin : by Ron Felice on Jan 11,2020






About the Companies:

Key ASIC Berhad, MalaysiaKey ASIC (Stock Code: 0143) is public listed on Mainboard of Bursa Malaysia. It specializes on designing of chips and systems for Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence. Its customers are largely in the US and Asia and it has offices in Malaysia, Taiwan, China and Singapore.