(Petaling Jaya, 25 January 2021) Key ASIC announced today that it has inked a contract valued at RM21,000,000 for first part of the project with Canvas Technology to provide product, technology and design IP development strategy, planning and implementation for a wafer fab. The project is planned to have multiple parts and contracts of subsequent parts are expected to follow in the near future.


To date, the market capitalization of semiconductors has exceeded USD4 trillion, powered by the digitalization of economy globally. In the past two years, there is a surge on the construction new fabs or repurpose of existing wafer fabs. Reported by SEMI in August 2019, 33 new wafer fabs were under construction and over 50 of the existing fabs are repurposed for the current technologies to meet the market trend. Expectedly, leading this wave of development is China with spending of USD24B followed by Taiwan with spending of $13B and Europe and Mideast with spending of USD11B. This created a strong demand for licensing of technologies and Design IPs so that these expensive fabs can churn out chips at the soonest, reducing the time to revenue.


KeyWare™, the Standard Cell libraries that are ultra-low power or high performance is uniquely giving the wafer fabs a strong competitive advantage. Chips that are designed using the libraries of ultra-low power will be able to reduce power consumption by about 30% on the same process technology and chips that are designed using the Standard Cell libraries of high performance will be able to increase the speed of the chip by about 30% on the same process technology enabling the chip designers to develop highly competitive products in the market.


In addition to KeyWare™, the Company has a rich pool of silicon proven and standard compliant IPs such as USB2.0, USB3.0, PCi-e 1.2, PCi-e 2.0 and Ethernet, memory blocks, I/Os, a full spectrum of ADC, DAC and AFEs, total of more than 100 IP blocks that are commonly used in the design of SoCs. These IPs are essential for the design of SoCs in IOT, AI, smart home, industry 4.0, consumer and communication.


“The steep growth of new wafer fabs in the past two years has created strong demand for technologies and silicon proven SoC platform-based IP. With the rapid development of IOT and AI coupled with the severe shortage of chips and capacity across the board, the demand for technologies and Design IPs will continue to grow in the foreseeable future,” said Mr. Eg Kah Yee, Chairman and CEO of Key ASIC.





About Key ASIC:

About Key ASIC:Key ASIC Berhad (Stock Code: 0143) is a public listed company on Mainboard of Bursa Malaysia. It specializes design and manufacturing of IOT chips and system, connecting any electronics and non-electronic items to the Internet. MCard and MDrive are the IOT products currently shipping in the market. It also offers turnkey ASIC design service and SoC design and manufacturing. Its customers are largely in the US, Europe and Asia. It has offices in Malaysia, Taiwan and Singapore.