(Petaling Jaya, 28 November 2017) KeyASIC Berhad (Stock Code: 0143) announced today that it has delivered the System Development Kit (SDK) licenses and SPG chips for the IOT development to JSC Progress MRI in Russia of total value of approximately RM1.9M. The SDK and IOT chips will be used for the development of the IOT devices.


KeyASIC has an IOT SoC product line called SPG targeting the Internet of Things market. The SPG is an IOT SoC that is capable of running up to 350MHz and has been used by various customers in designing IOT systems including Wi-Fi Spy Glasses, rehabilitation and dementia device, fundus cameras, blood pressure monitors, ECG device and others. This ultra-low power SoC comes in a SIP package that consists of the SoC, up to 32MB SDRAM and NOR FLASH. The IOT SDK platform consists of Wi-Fi module and capable of supporting a micro SD card, and it is literally the smallest computer without a display in the world.

JSC Progress MRI (http://www.mri-progress.ru/en/about/info/) is a wholly own subsidiary of ROSEL, the largest state-owned enterprise for electronics industry that specializes on the development and production of navigation systems in Russia. It is also the leading chip design company for GLONASS chips. GLONASS is the satellite system in Russia or the equivalent of GPS.


One of the main applications of the KeyASIC IOT chip and SDK together with the GLONASS chip is connected cars. The “Connected Cars Module” will be installed in the vehicles and it will be connected to the Cloud that is capable of tracking not only the location but also the trail of the vehicles. The APP of the Connected Cars will be used for parking and tracking of parking lots, calculation of toll fees and collection of such fees automatically, safety and services of the vehicles if the event of emergency happens, and real-time traffic control and management in easing the traffic jams.


Other applications of the connected cars include tracking of the departure and arrival of the vehicles and this is extremely useful for monitoring safety of the school buses, money trucks or trucks carrying valuable goods.






About Key ASIC:

Key ASIC Berhad (Stock Code: 0143) is a public listed company on Mainboard of Bursa Malaysia. It specializes design and manufacturing of IOT chips and systems, connecting any electronics and non-electronic items to the Internet. Kcard, Kdrive, Mcard and Mdrive are the IOT products currently shipping in the market. It also offers turnkey ASIC design service and SoC design and manufacturing. Its customers are largely in the US, Russia and Asia. It has offices in Malaysia and Taiwan.


JSC Progress MRI is the leading ASIC design companies ad their ASICs are used in satellite communications modems, ATM equipment, PCM equipment, radars, satellite navigation, mobile radiotelephonic communications, intra-area and backbone communication networks.

(20 September 2017, Kuala Lumpur) KeyASIC Berhad announced today that it has appointed Mr. Chan Ying Poh as General Manager of Semiconductor, IOT Business Unit. Mr. Chan will be responsible for the development of the business and products in semiconductor and the rapidly growing Internet of Things (IOT) industry. The Company started the development of the IOT SoC products, SPG product line few years ago and has been shipping the SPG101 successfully in the IOT Wi-Fi market. Kcard/Kdrive and Mcard/Mdrive are both developed based on SPG101 and the Company is in the process of developing the second generation of IOT SoC. 


Mr. Chan will also be responsible for the development of ASIC design service business, SPG product line and the IOT business. Prior to his promotion, Mr. Chan was the Manager for the ASIC Engineering department where he is responsible for the development of ASIC, IP and also the second generation of the IOT chip where he spearheaded the development of low power libraries with the capability of reducing the power of a chip by more than 30% for the same process technology. Mr. Chan is a veteran in semiconductor industry and has about 20 years of engineering and management experience.


“We started our technology and product development of IOT chip about 5 years ago and we have successfully shipped SPG101 in millions over the last 2 years. Complimenting the IOT chip, we have also developed the Cloud platform so that it is easy for our customers to embrace and kickstart their IOT business. The market is still at the early adoption stage and we are aligning our resources to take the leadership role in driving the IOT market.” said Mr. Eg Kah Yee, Chairman and CEO of the Company. “The opportunity is here and our technology is definitely leading in this space and the appointment of Mr. Chan will help the Company to accelerate the development of this business,” he added.





About KeyASIC:

KeyASIC (Bursa Stock Code: 0143) is a leading IOT chip and ASIC design company. Its six countries patented Mcard and Mdrive are SD WiFi card and USB WiFi drive respectively that enable any host device or equipment with SD or USB interface making connection to Internet Cloud.