IoT Development Kit

KeyASIC’s IoT development kit allows customer to quickly do a prototype and design-in by integrating CPU and Wi-Fi solutions into their system. The comprehensive development kit comes together with all necessary hardware, middleware, software SDK/API and well-documented user guide and reference design. KeyASIC’s IoT development kit has been used extensively in many proven application. Among the most popular applications are connected car, location tracking, navigation (GPS/GLONASS), portable medical devices such as blood pressure and ECG monitor, industrial equipment control, smart home and building control and plenty of IoT sensor-based application. Let the experts help you.


KeyASIC IoT development kit offers a quick approach to develop custom ARM processor-based application. The development kit is built around KeyASIC proprietary SPG101 SoC, and includes the following components and interfaces:

●     8MBytes SPI NOR Flash

●     32MBytes SDRAM

●     SD slave interface to SD host device

●     SD slot to add external SD memory up to 32GB

●     Atheros AR6005 Wi-Fi chip

●     SDIO slot to add external SDIO module
        (as alternatives to on-board Wi-Fi chip)

●     16 GPIO pins

●     UART interface

●     SPI interface

●     I2C interface

●     JTAG interface for programming and debugging

●     External 5V DC power input (as alternatives to power from SD host device)

●     5V power switch

●     SoC reset button

Key Features
  • SD Card standard compliant
  • Wireless data transfer with fully featured Wi-Fi device
  • Easy wireless setup
  • Support multiple simultaneous connections

The SPG101 Software Development Kit (SDK) is a Linux-oriented software development kit that enables quick and easy application development on KeyASIC SPG101 SoC platform. The SDK provides full cross-compile development for the Linux host, including Board Support Package (BSP) with Linux Kernel and file system, scripts and Makefile, documentation and example applications.

The SDK is tested and ready to use within a predefined configuration for SPG101 platform. The default configuration can be further customized to support different applications and functions.

SPG101 SDK Features:

●     Linux Kernel 2.6.32 and device drivers

●     Makefile build system

●     ARM Toolchain (compilers, linkers, etc.)

●     Bootloader (KA Boot Loader, U-Boot)

●     Linux Root Filesystem

●     Busybox 1.18.5

●     Precompiled Binaries and Tools (programming tool, etc.)

●     Libraries and middleware

Do you wish to see your medical and industrial equipment enter industry 4.0 revolution?

Industry 4.0 is definitely on its way, just like what history suggests on its predecessors.

KeyASIC IoT platform is able to transform your medical equipment into an IoT products within very short time. Our IoT platform contain all necessary hardware, software, middleware, memory storage as well as mobile APP required to make this happens.

Imagine at one end, real-time data captured by sensors is stored into the on-board memory and at the other end, this data is instantly available to be sent out wirelessly to the internet, cloud or personal mobile devices.

KeyASIC is also capable of setting up the storage and computing cloud as well as the mobile APP to interface with targeted application upon request. Our services span across the whole product design cycle, from hardware, firmware to software design, from design and fabrication of system evaluation board to proof of concept and prototyping and ultimately mass production of the entire system.

This IoT module allows equipment makers to do a design-in by integrating CPU and Wi-Fi solutions into existing system. It is possibly one of the quickest, cheapest and yet highly reliable solution to drag your products into IoT segment.

We are the expert in this business. We believe we can help you extend the life cycle of your equipment and products.

Should you have any medical and industrial equipment that you wish to turn them IoT, please do not hesitate to contact us.