IoT Enabler

KeyASIC focuses on improving lives by providing IoT-enabling technology. By integrating biometric and environmental measurements with data connectivity to the cloud, innovative solutions are emerging to improve our everyday lives.

Do you have any equipment that stores data on SD/CF card or optional external storage via USB port? Now there is a chance to turn that into smart IoT devices without any hardware changes. In MCARD and MDRIVE, KeyASIC offers one of the simplest and yet highly reliable solution.

KeyASIC’s MCARD and MDRIVE are one of the quickest way to connect your devices to the mobile devices or internet. Both of them contain built-in CPU and Wi-Fi module all within the small form factor of a standard SD card and common thumb drive.

With KeyASIC’s IoT enablers, data that are written by the host equipment into built-in storage within MCARD or MDRIVE can be transmitted wirelessly to the internet, cloud or personal mobile devices.

KeyASIC’s IoT enablers are widely used in medical equipment, industrial machinery, photographing, infotainment, security and surveillance as well as consumer electronics.

KeyASIC had protected this invention with more than 10 patents worldwide.

Title of patent: Dynamic Switch for Storage Card
 Country  Patent # Granted Date
 Korea  10-1286328  July 9, 2012
 Taiwan  TW201303719A  Jan 6, 2013
 USA  US8386691B1  Feb 26, 2013
Singapore  188004  Apr 30, 2013
 Japan  5630715  Oct 17, 2014


Title of patent: MicroSD Card Adapter Device for Dynamically Switching Requests between a Wireless Transmission Interface and an SD Interface
 Country  Patent # Granted Date
Taiwan 497395 Aug 21, 2015
USA US8918572B2 Sep 18, 2014
Singapore 193686 Nov 15, 2013
Japan JP2013218649A Oct 24, 2013
China PW0150740 Dec 4, 2015


Enable Wi-Fi Connection for Medical Devices, Industrial Machines and Equipments

Industry 4.0 is definitely on its way, just like what history suggests on its predecessors.

KeyASIC IoT platform is able to transform your medical equipment into an IoT products within very short time. Our IoT platform contain all necessary hardware, software, middleware, memory storage as well as mobile APP required to make this happens.

Imagine at one end, real-time data captured by sensors is stored into the on-board memory and at the other end, this data is instantly available to be sent out wirelessly to the internet, cloud or personal mobile devices.

KeyASIC is also capable of setting up the storage and computing cloud as well as the mobile APP to interface with targeted application upon request. Our services span across the whole product design cycle, from hardware, firmware to software design, from design and fabrication of system evaluation board to proof of concept and prototyping and ultimately mass production of the entire system.

This IoT module allows equipment makers to do a design-in by integrating CPU and Wi-Fi solutions into existing system. It is possibly one of the quickest, cheapest and yet highly reliable solution to drag your products into IoT segment.

We are the expert in this business. We believe we can help you extend the life cycle of your equipment and products.

Should you have any medical and industrial equipment that you wish to turn them IoT, please do not hesitate to contact us.