Digital Ecosystem

The Digital Revolution was stated from 1950s to the late 1970s, which is the shift from mechanical and analog to digital electronics. As digital technology advanced rapidly and can be easily accessible for everyone, life was transformed and fundamentally changed the way we do business and communication. People today are more connected than ever.


We are the world’s leading provider of digital solutions, as we digitalize business with ASIC, IoT and Artificial Intelligence across various sectors.


We focus on improving lives by offering a comprehensive portfolio of IoT modules, IoT enabler, easy to turn your products into the Internet of Things. The AI-powered edge computing is being developed and successfully used in pathology image analysis with 97% accuracy.


Moreover, our technologies are seamless connectivity to imedic™, the most advanced Cloud Hospital, and mobile health services.


Our mission is to establish a digital ecosystem with our Innovative solutions to make our lives better and easier.