System Design

In recent years, KeyASIC has expanded its capability to cover system and embedded design. In electronic and embedded system, hardware and software components are combined to implement certain functionalities. Device functionality must be implemented within challenging constraints such as compute performance, real-time demands, reliability, power consumption, and size. In KeyASIC, we provide superior quality design and development in the area of electronics, electro mechanic and software design to some of the world most technology-intense companies in the line of business such as telecommunication, healthcare, automotive, defence and many other industries.


Our services includes:

●     Schematic entry & drawing

●     Timing analysis

●     Netlist generation

●     BOM generation

●     Board layout, placement and routing

●     Gerber generation

●     Programmable logic

●     Component selection

●     VHDL/Verilog coding

●     Test bench coding & simulation

●     Product engineering

●     Product fabrication

●     Assembly house selection & technical support

●     Component second-sourcing



KeyASIC has completed many successful projects for emerging clients and has been able to satisfy a broad spectrum of clients who are looking to gain a competitive edge by taking advantage of our extremely skilled electronic design team. Many clients have relied on keyASIC to be the sole project manager for their entire project from conceptual to finished, tested prototypes. Together with the customer, we ensure that the system requirements are always in the focus.


KeyASIC reference designs provide user with comprehensive demonstration and development platform. Reference design for Cardiac Meter (Blood Pressure + ECG) using our IoT solutions.