Asic Services Package and Test

As design complexity increases, packaging and testing represent a significant portion of the overall chip cost. Key ASIC works closely with industry partners to provide a wide selection of advanced and cost effective package & test offerings, such as high-speed interface, low power dissipation greater choice and flexibility translate to minimum cost for our customers.

Package Options
Partnering with leading packaging vendors like ASE, OSE, Key ASIC provides a wide range of package solutions from complex System-in-Package (SiP), Ball-Grid-Array (BGA) to the cost-sensitive Quad Flat Pack (QFP) in order to satisfy customers' increasing demands for smaller sizes, more I/Os, and lower costs.



Testing Program and Test Environment
The test program and environment prepared for each ASIC prototype are developed and monitored carefully by a group of experienced in-house engineers.

At the mass production stage when all of the settings of a test program are confirmed, the test program and the production documents are sent to our test partners to ensure accuracy before production begins. Only after careful verification will the test program be formally released to our test partner. Various tester choices are supported for different performance/cost requirements through qualified outside partners who meet customers' capacity and cost objectives.