Company | About Keyasic

Key ASIC designs and manufactures chips and system products for IOT applications. Its SPG series is of high performance and low power but very small footprint which is ideal for mobile or smart devices. Its K-Cloud platform has all the necessary features and easy to use API that make development of a Cloud for your business a breeze.

Kcard is the world leading SD WiFi card that enables any digital camera to be Wi-Fi connected to the internet making uploading of photo and video to Facebook, Instigram or any cloud with just a touch on the Kcard APP.

Kdrive is your favourite personal cloud with Wi-Fi and USB that automatically back up any or all of the data of your smart phone. This allows you to have access to your data or files any time without or without Internet.

Mcard and Mdrive are the easy to use IOT Enabler that connect any device or equipment with SD or USB slot respectively, making the host device directly connected to the Internet.

Key ASIC Design Business Unit offers a wide variety of design services ranging from specification to chip production on 0.18u to 16nm technologies and the design, development and manufacturing of the SoC, board and system including OS, application software, Cloud and APP. It has developed hundreds of silicon proven IP blocks make design easy and first silicon success.