Personal Cloud Solution | WIFI USB Drive

Key ASIC’s Kdrive wireless USB Flash Drive is a portable wireless flash drive to share and backup your personal files.
It’s a permanent personal cloud to store your private phone book, files, documents, movies, music, photos and share them with your computer, phone, media player, notebook wirelessly at manageable security level.
It’s a self-owned personal cloud staying at home, office or anyplace to be remotely accessed via internet by owner or others with permission right.
Or user can carry the device to backup files in a place without WiFi network.
Advantages of personal cloud/wireless flash drive over public cloud:
  • Full privacy control managed by owner
  • User can access personal cloud/wireless drive files with mobile devices even without access to WiFi network( AP mode )
  • Personal cloud/ wireless flash drive stores data forever, Public cloud stores data only for limited duration
  • Fixed and predictable cost comparing to public cloud’s dynamic subscription cost
  • Flexible Sharing and Synchronizing operation