SoC Solutions | SPG101 SDHC

Today’s smart mobile electronic devices are driven by users for less weight, more features and longer battery life, there is no way to deliver a success products without satisfying those criterion. SOC is the only solution to overcome system company’s challenge in designing modern mobile electronic products.

Another key component which is necessary for up-and-running of SOC system is memory chips, the physical board size will be further reduced by assembling memory and SOC into a single package with System-in-Package( SiP ) technology.

Key ASIC’s SPG101 is a cost effective, ultra small form factor and low power System-in-Package( SIP ) chip to fulfill all critical specifications required by high volume WiFi storage applications. This SiP chip integrates three silicon parts:

  1. SOC of ARM926EJ-S Processor @ 192MHz, supporting SD2.0/SDHC Host X 1, SDIO Host X 1, SD Slave X 1 and other I/O ports
  2. 64M bits CMOS Serial Flash Memory
  3. 16M x 16 bits SDRAM

With individual SD2.0/SDHC & SDIO compatible host interface plus one unique SD slave interface supported by SPG101, this SiP is perfect to implement a SD form factor card powered with SD storage + SDIO 802.11 a/b/g/n WiFi connectivity to serve peripheral market of Digital Still Camera( DSC ), DV-Camcorder, Digital Photo Frame and Vehicle Video Recording Devices which are lack of communication feature yet. Another good fit application for SPG101 is WiFi USB Drive, only need to add a USB to SD card reader controller to implement such product.

A comprehensive development environment including functional verification board, debug tools, HW/SW design guide and Linux BSP will be available to shorten end-product design cycle.

Target Applications of SPG101 SoC :

  • SD form factor combo card supporting WiFi and storage functions for DSC, DV-Cam, PND and Electronic dictionary
  • Embedded controller demanding WiFi & NAND Flash storage features
  • WiFi USB Drive
  • IP camera to capture and store video