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KeyASIC Collaboration to expand its ASIC products and Licenses PowerPC® Santa Clara, California and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (May 18, 2009) – Key ASIC, a leading fabless provider of ASIC and System-on-Chip (SoC) design-to-manufacture services, today announces the company’s ability to offer IBM’s semiconductor technology to its customers.
As a part of the KeyASIC / IBM relationship, KeyASIC will sell IBM produced wafers which contain design content and services from KeyASIC to its customers. In addition, KeyASIC announces that it has licensed the PowerPC® microprocessor from IBM. KeyASIC has licensed the PowerPC® 405 and 460 cores for its ASIC business. 
KeyASIC has focused its ASIC products business in the consumer and communications segments by providing its own IP and design services that optimize SOC designs for performance, power, and cost as required by a demanding networking and consumer electronics industry. KeyASIC will leverage its IP and core competence in SOC design with the advanced semiconductor technology from IBM for KeyASIC’s customers. 
“KeyASIC is focused on expanding its technology base and capability to better serve the consumer and communications markets. We have worked with IBM’s advanced technology at 65nm and now, we have the manufacturing and technology support from IBM to provide differentiated products that are high performance and cost effective for our targeted markets. 
IBM is leading the world with advance process technology and we would like to help our customers to build the greatest products with it”, said Kah Yee Eg, Chairman of KeyASIC. "We are pleased that KeyASIC has chosen IBM's leadership process technology and innovative Common Platform® manufacturing solution to enhance its ASIC offerings to the marketplace." said Steve Hasselmann, Vice President of Semiconductor Products and Services, IBM Microelectronics. "The leverage of IBM’s strong technology roadmap and the licensing of the IBM PowerPC® processor cores will be a solid addition to KeyASIC's SOC design capabilities.”
As performance, cost, and power considerations drive leading edge consumer devices, KeyASIC’s access to leading semiconductor process technologies coupled with its design expertise in the leading process nodes provides compelling cost and performance advantages for consumer and network semiconductor products.
About KeyASIC
KeyASIC Group of companies (KeyASIC), is a fabless provider of high-performance, lowpower ASIC design and manufacturing services for consumer, wireless and personal electronics applications. KeyASIC has a portfolio of Semiconductor Intellectual Property targeted for consumer and mobile communications applications.
KeyASIC has design locations in Silicon Valley (USA) and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. KeyASIC Bhd. is a public company traded on the Main Board in Kuala Lumpur (0143.KL). For more information, please visit www.keyasic.com.