(Petaling Jaya, 20 April 2017) KeyASIC Berhad (Stock Code: 0143) announced today that its 1st IOT Workshop conducted locally yesterday was a huge success. Over 70 local companies from a wide variety of local industries attended the half day work. The Workshop was developed by KeyASIC and jointly co-organized by MDec.


Following the continuous decline of PC sales as a personal computing platform and wide adoption of smart phone due to its mobility, the technology industry has been making investment increasingly into the IOT market. Unlike the PC and smart phone market where the platform is limited to PC or smart phone, the IOT concept is to making any electronic powered device or non-electronic “thing” to be directly connected to Internet where the intelligence of the computation resides in the Cloud. With the IOT technology, it literally means.


The Company has launched its first IOT workshop on February 14, 2017 to any businesses who are in the process of entering or extending its business with IOT technology. Over 60 companies ranging from healthcare, fitness, equipment manufacturers, building management companies, senior care operators, schools, surveillance companies, textile companies, transportation companies, power companies, software developers and system integrators have attended, showing strong demand to transform the business to an IOT business model. The IOT workshop will be held in Malaysia in the near future and is expected to hit the road in China market as well. The Company expects to have more design wins in the fitness equipment market.


Additionally, KeyASIC also has signed an agreement with United Power Technology Research, Technology Corporation (UPRtek), an affiliate of the Phison Group in incorporating Mcard into their Spectromter. The basic function of a spectrometer is to take in light, break it into its spectral components, digitize the signal as a function of wavelength, and read it out and display it via a computer. The slit vignettes the light as it enters the spectrometer. The Company has already shipped thousands of Mcard™ with the spectrometers.


The Company has already been shipping Mcard™ with the CPAP machines in the mobile health market for patients with sleep apnea problem since 2016.






About the Companies

KeyASIC Berhad (Stock Code: 0143) is a public listed company on Mainboard of Bursa Malaysia.  It specializes design and manufacturing of IOT chips and system, connecting any electronics and non-electronic items to the Internet. Kcard, Kdrive, Mcard and Mdrive are the IOT products currently shipping in the market.  It also offers turnkey ASIC design service and SoC design and manufacturing.  Its customers are largely in the US, Russia and Asia.  It has offices in Malaysia and Taiwan.