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App & Cloud

KeyASIC is a one of the leading cloud service provider who helps client integrate AI into their application, spend less time managing servers, networks and infrastructure. With high-performance computing power, large scale storage resources and big data analytic capability, it enable customers to monitor and manage their business in an extremely secured way. User can just leverage from the available middleware and just deploy application on top of it. Besides that, KeyASIC also extends their services to assist in the design of hardware, software, firmware as well as mobile application (APP).

imedic: Digital Mobile Healthcare System

One of our most successful recent year stories is the development and roll-out of imedic™ Cloud Hospital, a mobile healthcare cloud system that connects multiple wireless intelligent medical or healthcare devices to doctors, caretakers or hospitals. It targets to help doctors extend their medical services beyond the physical boundaries. imedic™ Cloud Hospital is currently used by renowned doctors and patients in US, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Indonesia, Russia and Middle East countries for the diagnosis, management and treatment of chronic diseases such as cardiovascular diseases (CVD), cancer, diabetes, hypertension, sleep apnea, stroke rehabilitation and other diseases.

imedic™ Cloud Hospital  enable patients with chronic diseases to be able to take measurement of their vital signs, ECG, Ultrasound and eventually blood tests on a chip at home that is currently done in the hospital and patients can then have these data uploaded and stored in imedic™ Cloud Hospital.  They can also upload test reports and CT Scan, X-Ray, Ultra Sound and MRI images done at the hospital to imedic™ Cloud Hospital. Patients can manage their own health conditions under the proactive supervision and consultation of the doctors without having to visit the doctors in the clinic or hospital.