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8-bit 8051

KeyASIC 8-bit MCU is built upon 8051 core architecture. A rich set of peripherals is featured which enables the use in real-time-control environments like motor control as well as for communication purposes, capacitive touch and display control or LED lighting. In current dynamic markets, low-cost and fast time to market solutions are key to the success of a product. KeyASIC 8051 core is developed to meet high quality and reliability requirements, equipped with a comprehensive application oriented tools and kits for the ease of development.

Area of application

●     Internet of Things (IoT)

●     Industrial automation

●     Automotive & traffic control

●     Display/LED lighting

●     Touch-screen interface

●     Motor/pump/fan/air conditioner control

●     Smart metering & control

●     Home security & remote monitoring

●     Medical & healthcare devices

●     Wearable devices

●     Education device

●     Consumer electronics

Key Features

●     Fast single-chip configurable 8-bit microcontroller

●     Support all ASM51 instruction set

●     Single Clock Per Machine Cycle

●     8-Bit Control Unit

●     8-Bit Arithmetic-Logic Unit

●     Compliant with Intel MCS 51 Instruction Set

●     Timer 0, 1, and 2

●     Compare/Capture Unit (CCU)

●     32-bit Multiplication/Division Unit (MDU)

●     Serial Port 0 and 1

●     Four 8-bit General I/O Ports

●     7 External Interrupt Sources with 4 priority levels

●     Watchdog Timer

●     Power Management Unit with Wakeup Control

●     Internal Memory Interface

               -     Address Up to 256 bytes of Read/Write Data Memory Space

●     External Memory Interface

               -     Address Up to 64K bytes of External Program Memory Space

               -     Address Up to 64K bytes of External Data Memory Space

●     Special Function Register Interface

●     JTAG Debugger Interface