Asic Services SiP Design Service

With System-in-Package (SiP) design, we meet the growing demands of semiconductor miniaturization and multiple functions for today's portable electronic devices requiring smaller form factor and higher performance. SiP integrates full functional system or sub-system functions at the package level. Industry and market trends show great convergence of the 4C's in hand held products such as Smart Phones, Tablets, Portable Storage Devices and others. SiP's main characteristics are small form factor, innovative function, flexible design, integrated system, high electrical performance, low cost and time to market.

A stacked die package is typical in popular SiP products. Key ASIC's experienced engineering team has worked with our partners to successfully deliver hundreds of thousands of stacked die packages adopting 2D/3D stacking technology between dies Key ASIC has combined SOC Memories into a single package form factor to significantly improve electrical performance by shortening the signal communication path between the devices in order to reduce system level size by transferring subsystem function from the PCB board to the package.

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