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(Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)– October 14, 2015 – KeyASIC Berhad, announces its USB3.0 Device PHY and USB3.0 Device Controller that have been certified by USB-IF since July/2015 (TID: 340000140) to the market in an effort to strengthen its offering in the IOT solution.


Key ASIC will license the USB3.0 IPs to any chip design companies and will also provide a complete ASIC design service with this IP. Revenue will be generated from the licensing of IPs as well as design services and the sales of packaged chips with USB3.0.


It is reaching 3 billion units of USB enabled devices shipped each year and is expected to continue to grow with the rapid growth of IOT devices. Capturing a fraction of this market in the IOT devices would mean a future revenue boost for the company.


Its USB3.0 PHY has passed the Super Speed of 5 Gigabit per second on 0.13u process technology which is extremely challenging. A large percentage of the IOT devices are done at 0.18u and 0.13u process technologies.


USB3.0 with microUSB socket is widely used in the fast growing IOT products where the systems do not really demand for high CPU performance but ultra-low power, most of the chips are designed on 0.18u or 0.13u process technology with ultra-low power consumption.


USB with microUSB connector is now the de facto standard charging connector for many mobile and wearable devices in addition to its data transfer function. IOT products with USB such as smart watches, wearable fitness devices such as pulse meter, medical devices such as blood pressure monitors, glucose meters, etc. are fast growing.


It is reaching 3 billion units of USB enabled devices shipped each year and is expected to continue to grow with the rapid growth of IOT devices.


Ability to offer online diagnostic services through the Cloud for the IOT devices or appliance is one of the areas that are fast growing. Household appliances such as air conditioner, factory equipment or machinery and hospital equipment or devices can all be connected to the Cloud for regular online diagnostics on a regular basis. The manufacturers of the equipment can have real time status of the usage conditions of the equipment deployed in the sites.


“IOT devices need more than just USB. It needs WiFi or 3G/4G connection to the Cloud and also a APP-Cloud platform where customers can develop their applications and APP. We offer a complete solution in silicon and system with our SPG Wi-Fi platform with Wi-Fi, APP and K-Cloud, the Cloud platform for IOT applications,” said Kah Yee Eg, Chairman and CEO of KeyASIC. “This will greatly accelerate the time to market for our customers with a total IOT solution offering,” he added.





About KeyASIC : 

KeyASIC is a leader in providing a total solution in Internet of Things (IOT) ranging from chips, system, APP to Cloud delivering customers in the shortest time to market. Additionally, it is also a market leader in providing ASIC design services with its own IP blocks. Key ASIC has offices in Malaysia, Taiwan, Japan and Singapore.